Music. Dance. Love.

10 dance songs to get you in the mood for Valentines Day

In honor of this upcoming Valentines day (aka day of love) here’s a selection of dance tracks all containing the word “love” in them. Whether you’re in a relationship or not feel free to crank up the volume and dance!
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Show Review and Exclusive Interview with Andrew Rayel

A chat with Trance DJ/Producer about his classical training, inspiration, and favorite superhero before taking in his show at Cielo NYC.

Hailing from the small country of Moldova, Andrew Rayel is a world renowned DJ/Producer who is unique for a variety of reasons, one mainly that he was classically trained in music. This has led to his being called “a modern day Mozart.”

We were lucky enough to sit down with the 21 year old producer before his show at Cielo Nightclub in New York City last Thursday night, April 10th.
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